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5 Benefits of Epoxy Quartz or Urethane Cement Floors for Commercial Kitchens

1: They are Seamless   Unlike traditional flooring choices or quarry tile which is common in commercial kitchens, epoxy and urethane cement floors are completely seamless.  They are poured on to the floor and spread across the surface.  There are no seams, grout lines or gaps that can get dirty or grow mold and mildew over time.  The materials are also somewhat flexible and can handle minor surface movement without the worry of cracks developing as is common with quarry tile.

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Stained Concrete: Beauty Without Breaking the Bank

We are just down the road from wine country.  No, not the Napa Valley wine country.  Woodinville, Washington wine country.  With over 9o wineries, Woodinville has become a mecca for wine in the Northwest.  Recently, one of those wineries contacted us about their new wine tasting room.  They were looking for a cost effective way to treat the concrete floors in the strip mall space that would become their new tasting room.  They had a contractor already working on the space and a great design.  The only missing element was the budget to make the floors match the rest of the space.  We were able to utilize a solvent dye to add color to the concrete and a high performance epoxy and urethane top-coat to offer protection for the high traffic they hoped to see.

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