Epoxy Flooring and Integral Cove Base. What You Need to Know.

We were recently contacted about installing an epoxy floor in a commercial kitchen that produced gluten free pizza dough.  The nature of this process meant they were mopping the floor at the end of each day.  The existing concrete had been coated with epoxy paint that had long since failed and was almost completely gone. .This left an almost bare concrete floor that they didn’t feel was very sanitary even with all the mopping.  They also wanted an integral cove base to help eliminate possible bacteria and prevent any water from getting under or behind the existing standard cove base.


Old Concrete with Failed Epoxy Paint Coating

Old Porous Concrete with Failed Epoxy Paint Coating

We ground the remaining epoxy paint off the floor while profiling the existing concrete to accept the new epoxy.  Once this was done we installed a pre-fabricated base made by Speed Cove that is designed to be epoxy coated.  This product is made from polyester resin, and once coated, provides a seamless, integral water and chemical proof joint between the wall and the floor and creates a monolithic containment system that is easily cleanable and helps prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. Pre-fabricated cove systems meet and exceed Environmental Health Department code requirements.


Integral cove base systems used to be created by mixing epoxy and sand into a thick mix that could then be hand trowelled into a cove base.  The technique was not only labor intensive, but it also required multiple steps with multiple dry times in between.  The result was a handful of skilled installers offered the service and it came at a premium price.  Pre-fabricated cove base products like Speed Cove shorten the install time and make the process much easier, while still achieving all the benefits of an integral cove base coated with epoxy.

Integral Cove Base Ready for Seemless Epoxy Coating

Integral Cove Base Installed and Ready for Epoxy


By using a pre-fabricated cove base we were able to remove all the existing cove, (and clean the mold we found behind it) install the new integral cove base, and two coats of epoxy, while still allowing enough dry time for the client to start bringing all their equipment back in on Monday morning.  They were able to begin production again before noon that same day.


Seemless Epoxy Flooring with Integral Cove Base

Commercial Kitchen with New Seamless Epoxy Floor and Integral Cove Base

They now have a sealed monolithic floor with integral cove base that meets all health code requirements and provides a surface that is easier to mop than the bare concrete they had before. 


If you have a commercial floor in the Seattle area and are considering epoxy flooring and possibly integral cove base, we would love to talk with you.


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