36 Hour Fix: Concrete Micro-Topping Break Room Floor

Let’s face it.  Things don’t always go according to plan.  Sometimes great ideas can produce poor results.  Much of our business comes from these situations.  Recently, we were contacted by a contracting firm who was wrapping up a new credit union branch.  The original design called for sealed concrete in the hallway, bathrooms, and break room.   The contractor applied a sealer and continued to finish the project.  Unfortunately, what they sealed was a slab with rust stains, chalk lines, Sharpie markings, concrete patches around the drains, and a bunch of red fire stop caulking where every wire or conduit passed through the floor.  I’d venture to guess that when the designer called for sealed concrete, this wasn’t part of the vision.  By the time we were contacted, the branch was open and the condo building above was fully occupied.  This presented some challenges in how to go about fixing the mess.

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