Monthly Archives: October 2015

When Close Enough Isn’t Close Enough

Recently, a local builder contacted us.  They were working on a large addition and had some problems with the floors.  The main floor of the original house had radiant heat and the architect and designer had specified a micro-topping installed as the finish floor.  The house had since sold and the new owners liked the floors and wanted something similar for their addition.  Somehow, they decided a gypcrete product was a close enough match.  The original color of the gypcrete was a fairly close match, but as it was finished and sealed several black aggregate pieces began to stand out on the beige colored floor.  The client wasn’t happy with the black specs, but would have let it slide.  A short time later, the floor began to develop cracks over the radiant heat coils and now something had to be done.

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A Concrete Canvas for Art

Anyone who has even worked with concrete knows that dealing with the elements can sometimes pose problems. When the San Juan Museum of Art had the concrete slab poured for their new atrium, there were many factors that weren’t ideal.  What they got was certainly not what they were hoping for.  The uneven color and small surface cracks over the re-bar in the slab were unsightly and would only serve to detract from the art they wished to display.  We were contacted to resurface the space and resolve the issues getting it back to concrete canvas they originally wanted.

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